Here is my list of tips to keep your treadmill running smoothly and for a long time. Believe it or not, most treadmill issues are a result of power source related issues or lack of proper basic maintenance.

1.) Make sure that the outlet that you plug your treadmill into is wired properly, with correct polarity and is grounded.

2.) Make sure that you have a tight connection in the plug and outlet connection. A loose connection can cause your treadmill to stop and start without warning.

3.) Plug the treadmill cord directly into the outlet if at all possible.  If you must use an extension cord be sure it is a heavy duty 12 gauge cord, keeping it as short a possible. Do not use a light duty extension cord similar to one that would be used for a household lamp. The amp draw needed to operate your treadmill will either not allow the treadmill to run correctly, if at all, or the cord may over heat.

4.) Keep your treadmill clean, away from weather or damp areas like patios, decks and damp basements. Dirt and moisture are natural enemies of the mechanical and electrical components of your treadmill.

5.) Follow the manufacturers instructions and clean and lubricate your walking belt and deck regularly according to owners manual. Be sure to use the recommended lubricant. The friction caused by lack of lubricant puts too much stress on the drive motor, rollers, and bearings, drive belts, walking belts and other components.

6.) Keep the walking belt adjusted properly and centered. Belts that are too tight put too much stress on drive belts, rollers and bearing, drive motors and motor controllers causing premature failure.