Independent Residential Fitness Equipment Service Specialist

To my knowledge, I am the only independent treadmill service technician and repairman Serving Maine and Eastern New Hampshire

● I diagnose, service, repair, and assemble all ICON Fitness fitness equipment, which includes NordicTrackProFormReebokGolds GymEpicFreeMotionHealthRiderImageHidden GroveLifeStylerWelder, and Weslo.

● I diagnose, service, repair, and assemble all Johnson Fitness fitness equipment, which includes AFGFitness GearHorizonLivestrongMatrixMerit, TempoTriumph, and Vision Fitness.

● I diagnose, service, repair, and assemble all Spirit Fitness fitness equipment, which includes Sole.

● I diagnose, service, repair, and assemble all Landice fitness equipment.

● I was a Certified Factory Warranty Repair Technician for ICON Fitness, Johnson Fitness, as well as Spirit Fitness, and Landice and am now strictly independent. (See Services).

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Treadmill Info


Is It Time To Replace Your Treadmill Belt or Deck?

If the running belt does not get any kind of lubrication, It may wear out more quickly than if properly maintained.

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Noisy Treadmill Rollers?

Noisy treadmill roller bearings? The can make slightly different sounds, but usually is a grinding type of noise. It’s time to replace to treadmill roller or the bearings.

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Treadmill Walk Belt Slipping?

Often when I come out and diagnose that a part needs to be replaced, then another service call is typically required to install the part or parts.

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Did You Know Most Treadmill Service Calls Are Preventable?

Your treadmill, just like your car is a mechanical device with bearings, motors, and belts.

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Maine Treadmill Repair, LLC
Residential Fitness Equipment Assembly, Service, Maintenance & Repair

I assemble, diagnose, repair, and service EpicFreeMotionGolds GymHealthRiderHidden GroveImageLandice, LifeStyler, NordicTrackProFormReebokSole, Spirit, Weider, and Weslo fitness equipment.




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