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Refurbished & Rebuilt Landice Treadmills


Best Treadmill Made!

I have the opportunity to acquire a lot of used treadmills.  Most are low-end, or otherwise, have little or no value, so I pass on most of them.

But then every once in a while I obtain a high-end treadmill that I am able to restore.  Usually, the only treadmill that I am willing to invest my time in is the Landice.

Landice is the best treadmill made that has been manufactured over the last 50 years, and it’s made in the USA.  See Landice Quality Construction.

They don’t come any better than a Landice. Do your research, this is the best treadmills on the market! It’s made in the USA, and not in China, which is where most come from today.

They are such great treadmills for the money that I sell my restored or refurbished treadmills about as quickly as I make them available.  In part, because when I finish with them they are mechanically like new for ¼ to ½ the price of new, and with a great 1-year warranty, parts, and labor.

NOTE: Not all of the Landice treadmills that have been sold have links below.  Many were sold before I could create an ad page for them.


COMING SOON   Landice L8 Executive Trainer Treadmill    COMING SOON

AVAILABLE    Landice L7 Pro Sports Treadmill  – $1,750.00    AVAILABLE

AVAILABLE    Landice L7 Rehabilitation Treadmill  – $1,450.00    AVAILABLE

SOLD Landice L7 Pro Sports Treadmill  – $1,750.00 SOLD

SOLD Landice 8700 LTD Programmable Treadmill – $750.00 SOLD

SOLD Landice L7 Pro Trainer Treadmill – $1,450.00 SOLD


SOLD Landice L7 Sports TrainerTreadmill – $950.00 SOLD

SOLD Landice L8 Cardio Trainer Treadmill – $1,750.00 SOLD

SOLD Landice L7 – Pro Sports Trainer Treadmill – $950.00 SOLD

SOLD Landice L8 – Cardio Trainer Treadmill – $1,750.00 SOLD

SOLD Landice L8 – Commercial Pro Trainer – $1,950.00 SOLD

SOLD Landice L7 – Refurbished Pro Sports Trainer Treadmill – $950.00 SOLD

SOLD Landice L7 – Pro Sports Treadmill – Like New! – $1,950.00 SOLD

SOLD Landice 8700 Commercial Treadmill, 220 volt – $795.00 SOLD

SOLD Late Model Landice L7  w/Flat Screen TV, DVD – $1,950.00 SOLD


SOLD Refurbished, Like New Landice 8700 Sprint Treadmill – $795 SOLD

SOLD Refurbished Landice L7 Cardio Trainer Treadmill – $950 SOLD

SOLD Like New! Landice 8700 Commercial Treadmill – $675 SOLD

SOLD Refurbished Landice L7 Treadmill – $875.00 SOLD

SOLD Refurbished Landice 8700 Sprint Treadmill – $795.00 SOLD

SOLD Refurbished Landice 8700 Sprint Treadmill – $500.00 SOLD

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