Most Treadmill Service Calls Are Preventable

Treadmill Preventive Maintenance

Your treadmill, just like your car is a mechanical device with bearings, motors, and belts.  Just like your car, your treadmill needs regular maintenance to keep running properly and to prevent a much larger repair bill or replacement down the road.

One of the questions that I always ask my customers is; “When is the last time that you lubed your running belt and deck?” It amazes me how often the answer is; “We’ve never lubed it.” Or, they may say that its been years.

Most treadmill service calls that result in belt and/or deck replacement,  drive belt replacement, drive motor replacement, motor controller or motor control board replacement, and treadmill roller replacement could have been prevented if the owner would have maintained the lubrication and proper adjustment on the running belt, keeping it clean.

Dirt and the lack of proper lubrication between the belt and deck cause friction. This friction not only shortens the life of the belt and deck, it also puts a strain on the roller bearings, the drive motor and the motor control board. That and improper treadmill running belt adjustment are the primary causes of premature failure of the five most replaced items on a treadmill which accounts for the majority of treadmill service calls.

The six most replaced items are the treadmill running belt, or walking belt ($100-$170 range). The treadmill running deck ($200 range). The motor controller or motor control board ($150-$300 range). The treadmill drive motor ($200-$600 range). The treadmill motor drive belt ($20-$50 range) and the treadmill rollers ($80-$250 range each). All of these items are greatly effected by improper cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of the treadmill walking belt.

You can refer to your treadmill owners manual for proper cleaning, lubrication and adjustment procedures, frequency and proper lubricant.  You can also have your local treadmill service schedule regular maintenance for you.

I typically schedule this for my customers as a regular service.  I recommend every three months for moderate to heavy use, and every six months for light use. This can greatly extend the life of your treadmill.

If you do not properly maintain your treadmill in this way you can expect a service call requiring the replacement of one or more of these items sooner than you would have liked.  Often I need to replace several of these items all on the same call.

Just like part of the cost of an automobile is proper maintenance, treadmills are exactly the same.  The cost of not maintaining either is eventually much higher, either due to the need for major repair or the need for replacement.




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