Livestrong Console Overlay Replacement

livestrong_overlay3The stop button no longer worked on this Livestrong treadmill in South Portland, Maine. The touchpad overlay membrane on the console needed to be replaced. 

A new console overlay membrane was ordered from Johnson Health Tech who is the manufacturer of the Livestrong treadmills which are no longer in production. I then removed the old touchpad overlay membrane and installed the new one which is a bit of a delicate operation.

The center console section must be removed by removing the screws from the back of the console. Then the two ribbon cables should be carefully removed from the ribbon cable connecters inside the console.  Then the old touchpad overlay membrane needs to be completely removed from the console. The two membrane layers may try to separate so make sure that you are removing it all. Use adhesive remover like Goo Gone to clean off any excess adhesive from the plastic faceplate. 

The new overlay needs to be carefully installed first by carefully feeding the ribbon cables through the two slots in the console. Then carefully but firmly insert the ribbon cables into their connectors.

I then recommend testing touchpad first to make sure it is working before you remove the adhesive backing from the membrane.  You cannot return it for credit once the adhesive backing is removed.

If it is working, then carefully remove the adhesive backing on the overlay, and carefully align the overlay in its proper position before sealing it down and reattaching the console. Once the membrane is laid down, it cannot be removed again without damaging the membrane. Once the overlay is applied, rub over the surface to eliminate bubbles and ensure it is evenly adhered. 

The Livestrong treadmill was a Lance Armstrong promotion and part of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Since Lance Armstrong’s Olympics scandal Johnson Health Tech ceased production, and has since disassociated itself with the Lance Armstong Foundation.


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