Landice 8700 Commercial Treadmill

SOLD  Landice 8700 Commercial Treadmill, 220 volt – $795.00  SOLD

This Landice 8700 Commercial treadmill has been refurbished completely check over.  This unit came out of a cardiac unit. It as the long running deck which is great for tall runners and is a 220 volt (requires 250V/15A outlet) unit so it can handle more load.

 It also has longer side hand rails which is great for environments where more support or stability is needed.

The Landice 8700 Commercial Treadmill is in my opinion the best treadmill ever made in construction, simplicity, power, durability and longevity.

This used treadmill will outlast just about any other new residential grade treadmill out there and will be running strong well after most are others in the landfill.

Solid aircraft quality aluminum frame, cannot rust, handles 500 lb users with ease. 1″ thick, flippable deck, 1000 lb thrust incline, HD Baldor 4HP motor, HD 2.5 inch diameter rollers

I would not hesitate to put this in my own personal gym or just about any commercial environment out there. If you are looking for bells and whistle like fans and visuals or programs then this in not the treadmill for you.  However, if you are a serious runner and need a solid, stable serious running machine that will handle abuse and last for the long run, than this is perfect.

Price includes local delivery to your door.  You will need to provide muscle for moving up or down any stairs where I will reassemble.

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