Johnson Fitness Treadmills

I do not service the following Johnson Fitness Treadmills, nor is there anyone in Maine that does.

AFG, Fitness Gear, Horizon Fitness, Livestrong, Matrix, Merit, Tempo, Triumph, Vision Fitness.

Johnson Fitness has made the decision not to provide parts to me at wholesale because I will not do their warranty work.

I do not work for any treadmill manufacturer and will not be coerced into doing so. It is noteworthy that no other treadmill company in the world does business this way.

Becuase this greatly diminishes the availability of service in Maine and South Eastern New Hampshire, I do not recommend AFG, Fitness Gear, Horizon, Livestrong, Matrix, Merit, Tempo, Triumph, or Vision Fitness treadmills to Maine consumers. Repairs would need to come from out of state service companies which can be very expensive.

If you are in the market for a new or used treadmill be sure to check with me first. As with most equipment and appliances, the people that service them know what which are the best and which have the best after purchase service.  I will direct you toward a great treadmill based on your needs and budget.

If you need service on one of these brands and are upset that are no repair services in Maine, then please let Johnson Fitness know.  I would be happy to service their brands if they were to allow me to purchase parts wholesale without the requirement that I work for them.

This is really hurting you, their customer.  I have the best references, the lowest service fees and provide the best service in the state of Maine and New Hampshire.

Johnson Fitness
1600 Landmark Drive
Cottage Grove, WI, 53527




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